Extend a Helping Hand With Word and Deed

Founded in 1977, by Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann, Word and Deed (wortundtat) is a private Christian aid organization that provides an extensive range of aid and services to those in need throughout India, Africa, Moldavia and Greece. The Word and Deed organization’s goal is to help people help themselves. Original work through the organization began with helping patients with skin diseases and has since expanded to projects including providing milk for infants, food and clothing for the poor, construction of schools, nurseries and hospitals in underdeveloped regions, and adult training programs to promote skills training.

As a non-profit organization, Word and Deed relies on donations to help support these programs. Thanks to generous donations from our customers, Word and Deed continues to offer aid to those in need around the world.

"The Deichmann US Foundation raises funds to alleviate poverty in India and other countries through international relief organizations, such as Word and Deed, of Germany, and to benefit United States charities. Please contact us at Deichmann U.S. Foundation, of Charlotte, North Carolina, 8310 Technology Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina 28262."

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